Top 10%

    Congratulations to the Top 10% in Patient Experience

    More than 200 Springfield Clinic providers achieved the top ten percent in national rank and more than half of those rank in the top one percent for patient experience scores on completed  Press Ganey surveys.


    “Achieving the top decile in national patient experience recognizes our providers who consistently exceed expectations to address the emotional and physical needs of our patients and their caregivers. This exceptional care establishes  lasting relationships that improve health outcomes with every encounter,” says Kim Leistner-Root, the director of experience at Springfield Clinic. We are grateful for their excellence in compassionate care celebrated through the voice of their patients.  


    We honor these providers on their profile pages with a recognition badge. To qualify for the top ten percent, a qualified provider* needs at least 30 completed patient surveys and must rank in the 90th national percentile or above.


    *Please note, our Press Ganey data does not represent data from Springfield Clinic providers in the following areas: Anesthesiology, Audiology, Critical Care Medicine, Dietetics & Nutrition, Hospital  Medicine, Physical Therapy and Radiology.

     **After the provider name signifies that a provider is in the Top 1% in the nation. 

    Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 

    Penelope Ewbank, MD 

    Renu Govindaiah, MD **

    Jennifer Tinsley, APRN, CNP **

    Stephen Smart, MD

    Cancer Center 

    Leah Bestudik, APRN, CNP ** 

    Lori Bick, APRN, CNP ** 

    Carla Daniels, APRN, CNP ** 

    Kelli Fisher, APRN, CNP ** 

    Andrew Guardia, PA-C **

    Scott Mink, MD

    Parashar Nanavati, MD 

    Preet Singh, MD **

    Brooke Trickey, APRN, CNP **

    Brittney Veenstra, APRN, CNP 



    Bhuvnesh Aggarwal, MD 

    Krystle Wisnasky, APRN, CNP 


    Center for Women’s Health 

    Neha Amin, MD **

    Jodi Bangert, PA-C **

    Heather Beal, MD **

    Ginger Boehler, APRN, CNP **

    Cheryl Brown, MD **

    Todd Diebold, DO

    Leslie Dignan-Moore, MD **

    Mary Beth Ditman, APRN, CNP

    Samantha Dunkirk, APRN, DNP, CNP

    Chinelo Echeazu, MD 

    Ernest Ertmoed, MD **

    Alyce Ferrill, MD

    Megan Forshee, DO **

    Xochitl Garcia, MD, FACOG, MIGS **

    Jillian Henry, MD **

    Pamela Kelley, APRN, CNP **

    Beth Killam, APRN, CNM **

    Nora Maczura, MD **

    Kara McCoy, MD ** 

    Amanda O’Brien, MD 

    Lindsey Ostermeier, APRN, CNP 

    William Putman, MD **

    Angelique Rettig, MD **

    Alison Rinaberger, MD **

    Wendy Rodgers, APRN, DNP, CNP **

    Stacy Roher, APRN, CNP 

    Amanda Shull, PA-C 

    Don Sielaff, MD 

    Dustin Stehling, MD **

    Erin Stone, MD **

    Robin Wells, APRN, CNP **


    Windie McKay, DC

    Sean Valenti, DC **


    Colon & Rectal Surgery 

    Rachel DeLong, APRN, CNP ** 

    Justin Fischer, MD, FACS, FASCRS 

    Peter Hofmann, MD **

    Paul Pacheco, MD, FACS, FASCRS **

    Brad Paris, MD, FACS **

    James Thiele, MD, FACS, FASCRS ** 

    Steven Tsoraides, MD, FACS, FASCRS 


    Vivianne Beyer, MD **

    Cassandra Claman, MD

    Joseph Conlon, MD 

    Frances Deadmond, PA-C **

    Sarah Dietrich, MD 

    Josiah Hamilton, PA-C ** 

    Elizabeth Meinhart, APRN, CNP **

    Heather Rothert, APRN, CNP

    Lana Schmidt, MD **

    Jody Schumacher, APRN, CNP **

    Taylor Tennill, MD

    Angela Younker, APRN, CNP 

    Kathleen Weber, APRN, CNP ** 


    Michael Genin, PA-C 

    Alison Gerringer, APRN, CNP **

    Kevin Hazard, MD **

    Heather Samudovsky, PA-C

    Amanda Sedivy, PA-C

    Kevin Starkweather, APRN, DNP, CNP 


    Family Medicine 

    Bryan Albracht, DO ** 

    Melinda Barthelme, APRN, CNP **

    Joshua Billington, MD **

    Alan Bilyeu, MD **

    Alison Bilyeu, MD 

    Scott Bilyeu, MD ** 

    Geoffrey Bland, MD **

    Ami Broughton, APRN, CNP **

    Douglas Byers, MD 

    Benjamin Cady, MD 

    Dennis Carroll, MD

    Taylor Cook, APRN, CNP 

    Marissa Cowell, PA-C **

    Constance Esslinger, APRN, CNP **

    Curtis Farr, MD **

    Carol Harper, PA-C **
    Julie Hart, PA-C ** 

    Brenda Hawkins, APRN, CNP

    Mindy Hazard, APRN, CNP **

    Dennis Heim, MD

    Jennifer Hendricks, APRN, CNP **

    Kaitlin Henry, MD **

    Bryan Kellenberger, MD 

    Hope Knauer, MD ** 

    Andrea Lawrence, APRN, CNP 

    Corey Lipe, APRN, CNP 

    Shiloh Lipe, PA-C **

    Ashlie Long, APRN, CNP

    Taylor Manivannan, PA-C **

    Cynthia Marschner, DO **

    Christopher Martinek, MD, MPH **

    Mark McKay, MD **

    Scott Morton, MD **

    Bethany Mumbower, PA-C **

    Anne Notz, PA-C 

    David Padgett, PA-C **

    Paul Phillips, MD **

    Dennis Rademacher, MD **

    Clarissa Reed, PA-C **

    Michelle Reeves, MD **

    Mary Samulevich, APRN, CNP

    Larry Sapetti, MD

    Julie Anne Shepherd, MD **

    Joseph Standard, MD

    Christopher Stortzum, MD **

    Melinda Vance, APRN, CNP

    Amy Waschull, MD

    Kelly West, APRN, CNP **

    Randy Western, MD **

    Sarah White, APRN, CNP

    Stacy Wieland, APRN, DNP, CNP


    Fadi Annaba, MD

    Sanjay Bangarulingam, MD **

    Timothy Biagini, MD, AGAF ** 

    Sailaja Cheruku, MD 

    Heather Ey, APRN, CNP 

    Mary Klunick, APRN, CNP **

    Lisa McDowell, PA-C 

    Theodore Paradowski, MD **

    General Surgery 

    Robin Alley, MD, FACS **

    Aaron Brewer, MD, FACS

    David Crawford, MD, FACS

    Chadrick Evans, MD, FACS ** 

    James Fullerton, MD ** 

    Chad Gonczy, MD 

    Eric High, MD

    Denise Mammolito, MD, FACS, FSSO **

    Amy Mann, APRN, CNP 

    Jason McAllaster, DO 

    Vaishali Patel, DO **

    Abigail White, MD 

    Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine 

    Lyndsey Heise, MD **


    Internal Medicine 

    Vickie Bushur, APRN, CNP **

    Melissa Cox, MD, FAAP, FACP 

    Timothy Drake, MD 

    Brenda Hemann, APRN, CNP

    Ashley Kaesebier, APRN, CNP

    Cathy McAfee, MD **

    Roger McClintock, MD **

    Elizabeth O’Brien, MD **

    Kristina Rexroad, APRN, CNP 

    Maria Rexroad, APRN, CNP

    Tina Rozene, MD **

    Kenneth Sagins, MD **

    Megan Steely, PA-C **

    Idelle Woodson, MD, MPH 

    Interventional Spine Care 

    Dylan Afeld, MD 

    Rohan Jain, MD **

    Maycen Wiseman, APRN, CNP


    Bhavani Adusumilli, MD

    Terra Curtis, APRN, CNP

    Nicolas Forero, MD **

    Richa Pandey, MD

    Aileen Zhen, DO **



    Megan Griggs, PA-C

    Koteswara Narla, MD 

    Jenna Pelc, APRN, CNP


    Leslie Acakpo-Satchivi, MD, PhD, FAANS

    Jennifer Bartletti, APRN, CNP

    Hayan Dayoub, MD


    Stephen Holland, MD

    John Kwedar, MD

    Robert Lowenthal, MD **

    Lanny Odin, MD



    Kim Krager, OD **

    Gaylan Moushon, OD

    Robert Smith, OD **

    Robin Valenti, OD



    Elizabeth Cheney, APRN, CNP

    Thomas Duhig, MD

    Nathaniel Gregoire, PA-C **

    Mark Greatting, MD

    Rebecca Harris, APRN, CNP

    Diane Hillard-Sembell, MD ** 

    Allison Mayfield, MD

    Mary Mullins, APRN, DNP, CNP 

    Mirjam Naughton, APRN, CNP

    Adam Norton, MD ** 

    David Purves, PA-C

    Daniel Rossi, MD ** 

    Angelia Royer, PA-C 

    Benjamin Stevens, MD 

    David Tapscott, MD **

    Gary Western, MD

    Nicole Wirtz, PA-C

    Christopher Wottowa, MD **


    Otolaryngology (ENT) 

    Maurya Hofner, PA-C 


    Purvi Bhandari, MD, FAAP **

    Christina Branham, MD **

    Raymond Castaldo, MD, FAAP 

    Joseph Conlon, MD  (Dermatology)

    David Cross, MD **

    Christopher Ehrlich, MD **

    Leslie Farris, APRN, CNP **

    Gretchen Gibbs, MD, FAAP **

    Lynn Kink, MD

    Misty Phillips, MD, FAAP **

    Heather Rothert, APRN, CNP (Dermatology)

    Veronica Savage, MD **

    Beth Steh, MD **

    Angela Younker, APRN, CNP (Dermatology)

    Kacey Zobrist, DO ** 

    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 

    Tyler Evans, MD

    Aubrie Hubbert, APRN, CNP, CANS **

    Shelley Scaff, APRN, CNP


    Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine 

    Philip Abraham, MD, FCCP **

    Jon Mann, MD

    Jessica Moja, MD

    Samir Patel, MD ** 

    Jeremiah Reedy, MD

    Ann Self, APRN, CNP



    Jason Guthrie, MD **

    Jeffrey Horvath, MD ** 

    Timothy Lenardo, MD

    Michael Pick, MD **

    Robert Trapp, MD **


    Urgent Care 

    Stanley Allen, MD, FAAP

    Billie Buhnerkempe, PA-C **

    Christopher Sprinkel, PA-C



    Scott Morgan, MD 

    Vascular Surgery 

    Lynne Barkmeier, MD, FACS ** 

    Andrew Lambert, MD 

    Dhiren Patel, MD 

    Stephen Ryan, MD **